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There is a strong need for SOLID & RELIABLE fitness and rehabilitation professionals

that eating disorder treatment providers can TRUST to work with their clients. 

TEAMed’s mission 

Create a network of “Eating Disorders Informed and Sensitive" fitness and rehabilitation professionals to help individuals heal their relationship with body movement and sport; during their recovery process; and demonstrate how to collaboratively work with the rest of the eating disorder interdisciplinary treatment team. 

Our promise 

We will..

Remain students – learn from our limitations and continue to grow and strengthen our knowledge base


Stay up-to-date on relevant research


Bridge the gaps between eating disorder treatment and body movement/athletic spaces


Help those in athletic and fitness settings recognize the signs of EDs and feel comfortable with referring their clients to the appropriate eating disorder providers


Provide guidance and mentorship to other fitness and rehabilitation professionals


Dispel the damaging messages generated by fitness and diet-culture


Remain weight and size inclusive


Continuing to celebrate the whole person and body diversity through fostering open and inclusive fitness environments

**All of the providers listed have been thoroughly vetted to ensure safety, sensitivity and strength in working with individuals struggling with eating disorders**

Trusted Professionals

Amanda Schlitzer Tierney
*Co-Founder of TEAMed*

Michelle Laging
*Co-Founder of TEAMed*

Alanah Reilly (nee Dobinson)
*Co-Founder of TEAMed*

Hannah Frazee

Jessica Barker


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